Residential Exterior Painting Company San Diego

Is the exterior of your home starting to peel, and flake, or is the homeowners association telling you it’s time to paint? Let Stokeys Painting bring your curb appeal up to par. With our highly trained crews, attention to detail is “Kinda our thing”, so we always take time to thoroughly prep and prime before applying the paint. We also believe in using the best possible products that will last for the long-haul, leaving your home looking good and protected from weather.

Residential Color Consulting San Diego

Choosing colors could be fun and exciting, but also could be frustrating as well. With over 25 years of painting and on-the-job experience, Stokeys Painting will keep the frustration out and guide you in choosing the best color combinations to fit your needs.

Residential Cabinet and wood finishing Company San Diego

Cabinetry is always a big factor when building or remodeling a home. Stokeys Painting has also been known for its wide variety of cabinet and wood finishes. Anywhere from staining, laquering, glazing, or varnishing, the Stokey crew Will make your house the talk of the neighborhood.

Residential DRYWALL Repair Company San Diego

Has there been a water leak that caused drywall damage? Stokeys Painting also offers light drywall work as well. Whether it’s damage to drywall, or drywall patching and re-texturing, we got you covered.

Residential Power washing San Diego

It is very important to power wash exterior surfaces before painting to effectively remove all dirt, mold, spiderwebs, debris etc. to allow paint or primers adheve to surfaces correctly and fulfill paint warranty time. So whether it’s to prepare house for painting, or just wash your homes exterior walkways, call Stokeys Painting today.

Residential Stucco repair painting company San Diego

Usually, as homes settle or just being exposed to weather, stucco will be damaged or cracked. As part of our preparation process, we always make sure to go through stucco areas with a fine tooth comb, and repair all cracks and damage to stucco with a premium exterior stucco patch.